Conventional Energy Industry

While alternative and renewable energy generation is a hot topic, most worldwide power generating equipment depends on the use and efficiency of conventional fossils fuels. With near limitless opportunities for construction, repair and maintenance of conventional energy generating equipment and accessories, STARS can bring partner companies projects and opportunities in various markets of increasing scope and magnitude. Build new customer relationships in the conventional energy industry with STARS!

Alternative Energy Industry

Thanks to recent legislative rulings and global standards for clean and sustainable energy sources, the alternative energy industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In turn the goals of our clients are evolving as they seek new ways to reduce emissions and garner power through alternate means such as solar energy, wind power generation and more. Be a part of the push for green energy generation with STARS!

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction Industries

With the growing demand for power generation in Saudi Arabia and the greater GCC, ingenuity and unique solutions are required to increase power generation and efficiency of existing systems. STARS brings together industry leaders from the engineering, procurement and construction fields to solve the problems that clients do not have the bandwidth or resources to address. Be a part of the solution with STARS!

Real Estate Industry

STARS is extending its reach into real estate, property holding, and property management ventures worldwide. STARS has the experience and capability to engage in a variety of investor-related roles as well as managing appraisal, development and relocation services. With decades of experience in the real estate industry, the STARS management team is able to identify joint investment opportunities that exist within niche and untapped markets. Find new room for growth and success with STARS!

Capital Funding Industry

STARS seeks to help global companies achieve their short and long-term goals through a variety of unique and sustainable investment solutions. Unlike other capital funding industry leaders, STARS is uniquely positioned to manage the investment environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the GCC. Take your project from dream to successful completion with STARS capital funding.