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Advanced Utility Products & Services is a global provider of quality engineering products, services and customized solutions. With over 30 decades experience in the Middle East Power and Utility Sector, our specialists provide local knowledge with a global reach. Serving a variety of industries from power, water and desalination, to oil, gas, manufacturing and more, our diverse network of suppliers and logistics experts are poised to offer end-to-end solutions. AUPS is ready to get the job done where you need us, when you need us. Contact AUPS today!

EUS Intl

Envergen Utility Services International specializes in products, services and innovative solutions for the solar and wind power industries worldwide. Our specialists combine years of hands-on product and systems experience with an unparalleled knowledge of the latest alternative energy technologies. Let our global network of highly-qualified systems experts help you reach your alternative energy goals. Contact EUS International today!

TurboTech Precision Engineering

TurboTech Precision Engineering celebrates 25 years of customized engineering solutions in 22 locations worldwide. This high-tech turbine manufacturer leverages the power of steam to keep your business up and running. From waste heat recovery, food processing, textile, and chemical plants to distilleries, concentrated solar plants, waste incineration, tire manufacturing and more, TurboTech Precision Engineering has what it takes to keep your plant online and running strong. Contact TurboTech Precision Engineering today!

TurboTech International

TurboTech International

TurboTech International, based in Abu Dhabi, services the oil and gas industry worldwide with marine-based products, equipment and solutions. Specializing in maritime trading and marine technologies, the pros at TurboTech have vast experience in off-shore oil and gas, off-shore wind energy, polar and aqua-culture technologies, marine research, hydrography, coastal zone management, hydraulic engineering, gas hydrate and ocean mining technologies, marine environmental protection, and more.  Contact TurboTech International today!