STARS taps into Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

The Middle East is a region ripe with untapped opportunities within the markets of power and industrial engineering. With a limited number of companies capable of handling the needs of these industries domestically, it is imperative to have top tier, regional talent on your side. STARS Holding puts you on the path to success with our network of regional contacts and trusted connections, all designed to knock down obstacles, connect with customers and shoot your business to the top.

Shoot for the STARS with high-level power generation

In Saudi Arabia alone, the government has mandated an increase in power generation from 40- thousand megawatts to 80-thousand megawatts within the next ten years. Other gulf region countries are following suit, issuing their own power generation mandates. Meeting this monumental need requires new equipment and process designs for efficiency, repair and maintenance of old systems and creative problem solving to make it all happen. STARS helps you step into this untapped market with connections to custom-made products, logistic experts, regional contacts and high-level customers who are anxious to work with your organization.

STARS brings abundant investment potential

In addition to government imposed power generation mandates, the Gulf remains a top location for investment in a variety of industries from real estate to financial funding. With the right connections and a global vision, there is an endless supply of business opportunities to be had in the GCC region. With the skills, reputation and relationships STARS has amassed over the past 25 years, your company is poised to exploit any opportunity which falls within the realm of your core competencies. Reach for the stars with STARS!

Corporate matchmaking is in the STARS

STARS specializes in matchmaking—first by building partners through our proven methodology, then forming new ventures designed to leverage a partner company’s potential. Couple that with STARS consistent expansion into new markets and the opportunities for success are endless! As a STARS partner company you will be quickly integrated into our system and the matchmaking begins—searching for opportunities on diverse projects while building lasting relationships with customer companies. Those connections are priceless and lead to your brand’s success.

STARS fosters productive global relationships

STARS global relationships start with granting access to market data that assists partners in developing domain knowledge of the region. But it doesn’t end there. STARS takes it a step further with access to relationships of the highest level on all sides of the market, allowing partners to quickly and efficiently navigate the structure of corporate and government operations anywhere in the STARS global network.